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The Lean Office Part 4: Standardise

The Lean Office is about having standards to live up to and having a standard way for people to complete their 5s office tasks.   This fourth S ‘Standardise’ in the 5s cycle involves creating guidelines for keeping an area organized, orderly, and clean. These guidelines ensure that everyone is completing the same tasks in […]

Smart Admin Services Tauranga Helping You Create a Lean Office

Smart Admin Services Tauranga, the lean office with 5s Office Admin Specialists

The Lean Office Part 3: Shine

To have a Lean office environment then your office must be clean! The 3rd step in the 5s cycle is known as SHINE and it’s about cleaning and maintaining the equipment and resources that you use in the office. S3 focuses on regular cleaning and upkeep of the area and establishing the frequency in which […]

Benefits of Using Xero Accounting Software for Small Business Accounting

Benefits of using Xero Accounting Software for Small Business Accounting. The use of Xero accounting cloud based software for small business has grown rapidly worldwide to more than 400,000 customers. The key benefits of using Xero for small business accounting in comparison to other non cloud based accounting solutions are: Bank statement lines are automatically […]