The Lean Office Part 3: Shine

To have a Lean office environment then your office must be clean!

The 3rd step in the 5s cycle is known as SHINE and it’s about cleaning and maintaining the equipment and resources that you use in the office.Smart Admin Services Tauranga, the lean office with 5s Office Admin Specialists

S3 focuses on regular cleaning and upkeep of the area and establishing the frequency in which the area is kept clean on a regular basis.  This ranges from cleaning your keyboard, your printer and screens to having the carpets cleaned every month.

The following steps would comprise S3 Shine:

  • Set time aside for an initial office “spring cleaning.”
  • Identify and source the required cleaning materials and have these located in a designated area that is clearly marked with items labelled.
  • Conduct your initial cleaning.
  • Create a 5S cleaning plan so everyone knows what needs to be cleaned by who and when.
  • Follow the cleaning plan.
  • Make sure cleaning materials and tools are well stocked so that there are no excuses to carrying out cleaning tasks.
  • Have re-order points established for cleaning materials so that you don’t run out.

The important point in this step is to identify what needs to be cleaned, how it should be kept clean, and by whom.

Ensure a visual chart is created so everyone is aware of what is expected and take photographs to ‘set cleaning standards’ these standards answer: What does good look like?

If an area continues to get dirty then get the team together and root cause this to identify a solution to address it and then implement it quickly.

In the next post we’ll look at the fourth step in the 5s cycle: Standardise.

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