The Lean Office Part 4: Standardise

The Lean Office is about having standards to live up to and having a standard way for people to complete their 5s office tasks.


Smart Admin Services Tauranga Helping You Create a Lean OfficeThis fourth S ‘Standardise’ in the 5s cycle involves creating guidelines for keeping an area organized, orderly, and clean.

These guidelines ensure that everyone is completing the same tasks in the same way in the correct time frame. This brings stability to the process and reduces variation in results.

This step also includes creating any visuals to ensure the standards are kept, it’s important to make it easy for people to see what the ‘standard’ to be achieved is.

Follow these steps to implement the Standardise step:

  • Get the team together and decide the specific tasks required to keep the office area organized and the frequency of the tasks.
  • Determine who will perform the tasks and when.
  • Publish a visual schedule and images of ‘What good looks like’…..
  • Develop checklists for people to follow when completing tasks.
  • Conduct training so that the people performing the tasks can achieve ‘What good looks like’…..

In the next post we’ll look at the most difficult and ongoing step in the Lean 5s process: Sustain.

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