Office a Mess? Then it’s time for some Red Tagging!

We’ve all got that point where the office is a complete mess!

When it get’s to that point it becomes difficult to find information, files, invoices, contact details….we get frustrated in our efforts to find something and loose

Smart Admin Services Tauranga Bay of Plenty Small Business Accounts Contractorvaluable time that could be better used for generating more leads or visiting an important customer.

My husband does Lean Consulting work with local manufacturing companies and a great Lean tool that he shared with me that’s really applicable to office productivity is 5S.

5S is workplace method for getting organised and standardizing how we do things and it’s not rocket science to put in place.

In this series of posts I’ll share with you how to apply 5s in your office, follow the process and you’ll dramatically reduce frustration, improve productivity and get more done with a lot less hassle.

5s is a cycle:Smart Admin Services, Tauranga Bay of Plenty, Small Business Accounts

Step 1: You Sort

Step 2: You Set In Order

Step 3: You Shine

Step 4: You Standardize

Step 5: You Sustain the other 4.

So let’s look at Step 1 Sort:

In Lean terms this is also known as Red Tagging and what you simply do is schedule a time to run a Red Tag event in the office.

Smart Admin Service, Tauranga Bay of Plenty, Small Business Bookkeeping HelpDuring your Red Tag event you will place a Red Tag on items in your office and in / on / around your desk that you do not need on a daily basis to perform your job.

* The goal here is to visually identify the items, you do not have to use a red tag like the one I’ve shown, a simple yellow postie note will do……

As yourself:  How many times do I use this item per day?  Must I really have this on my desk?

Once you’ve completed your Red Tagging take all of those items and place them in a storage area for further sorting.

This storage area will be called your Red Tag Zone and it should be a dedicated place somewhere close to your office so that the items you have identified as not essential to do your job on a daily basis can be placed there.

You may find that when you’re doing this initial tagging of unnecessary items that you feel you may need something someday….let this thought go….you’re just adding clutter to your workspace and you’re not throwing the items out yet….you are just moving them to your designated Red Tag Zone for now.

Once you’ve completed your Red Tagging and moved the items to your holding zone you will notice how uncluttered your office workspace is and it will be much easier to find things when you need them, you’ll be less frustrated, less stressed and will have a more productive day.

In the next post I’ll explain how to deal with those items you placed in your Red Tag Zone and introduce Step 2: Set In Order.















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